Jordi Brandts, Research Professor, CSIC

What's New
-"Information Networks and Worker Recruitment" (witj Artur Schram and Klarita Gërxhani). June 2007

- "On Punishment and Well-being" (with Fernanda Rivas). June 2007.

- "La economía experimental y la economía del comportamiento". June 2007.

- "Frames and Games" (with Christiane Schwieren). March 2007.

- Since beginning of the year I am, together with Tim Cason, editor of the Economic Science Association journal Experimental Economics. Send submissions to the journal editorial office, not directly to me. Here is the Editors' preface that we have written for the first issue of 2007

- I am, together with Enrique Fatás (Lineex), Ana Lozano (U. Malaga) and Antonio J. Morales (U Malaga), one of the organizers of the Third International Meeting on Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Malaga, March 22th-24th. Call for Papers.

- I am one of the coorganizers of the First European Workshop on Experimental and Behavioral Economics (EWEBE).

- "It's What You Say Not What You Pay" (with David Cooper), forthcoming in the Journal of the European Economic Association.

- "Political Autonomy and Independence: Theory and Experimental Evidence" (with Klaus Abbink). October 2006.

-"Entry and Market Selection of Firms: A Laboratory Study" (with Ayça Ebru). September 2006.

Recent Publications

- "Observability and Overcoming Coordination Failure in Organizations: An Experimental Study" (with David Cooper) , Experimental Economics, 9, 2006, 407-423.

- "Auctions for Government Securities: a Laboratory Comparison of Uniform, Discriminatory and Spanish Designs", (with Klaus Abbink and Paul Pezanis-Christou), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 61, 2006, 284-303.

- "A Change Would Do You Good: An Experimental Study on How to Overcome Coordination Failure in Organizations" (with David Cooper), American Economic Review, 2006, 96(3), 669-693.

- "I want YOU!: An experiment studying the selection effect when assigning distributive power" (with Werner Güth and Andreas Stiehler ), Labour Economics, 13, 2006, 1-17.

- "Fair Procedures. Evidence from Games Involving Lotteries", (with Gary E. Bolton and Axel Ockenfels), The Economic Journal , 115, 2005, 1054-1076.

- "Price competition under cost uncertainty: a laboratory analysis" (with Klaus Abbink), Economic Inquiry 43(3), 2005, 636-648.

- "Do Labour Market Conditions Affect Gift Exchange? Some Experimental Evidence", (with Gary Charness), Economic Journal, 114, 2004, 684-708.

- "How Universal is Behavior? A Four Country Comparison of Spite, Cooperation and Errors in Voluntary Contribution Mechanisms", (with Tatsuyoshi Saijo and Arthur Schram), Public Choice, 119, 2004, 381-424.

- "Asymmetric demand information in uniform and discriminatory call auctions" (with Klaus Abbink and Tanga McDaniel). Journal of Regulatory Economics , 23, March 2003, 125-144.

- "Truth or Consequences: an Experiment", (with Gary Charness), Management Science, 49, January 2003, 116-130.

- "An Exploration of Reputation Formation in Experimental Games", (with Neus Figueras), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 50, January 2003, 89-115.

- "Reference Points and Negative Reciprocity in Simple Sequential Games", (with Carles Solà), Games and Economic Behavior, 36, 2001, 138-157.

- "Cooperation or Noise in Public Goods Experiments: Applying the Contribution Function Approach", (with A. Schram), Journal of Public Economics, 79, 2, 2001, 399-427.

- "How Strategy Sensitive Are Contributions? A Test of Six Hypothesis in a Two-person Dilemma Game", (with G. Bolton and E. Katok), Economic Theory, 15, 2000, 367-387.

- "Hot and Cold Decisions and Reciprocity in Experiments with Sequential Games", (with G. Charness), Experimental Economics, 2, 3, 2000, 227-238.

- "Measuring Motivations for the Responses Observed in a Simple Dilemma Games", ( with G. Bolton and A. Ockenfels), Experimental Economics, 1, 3, 1998, 207-219.

Forthcoming publications

- "24", (with Klaus Abbink), July 2006. Forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior.

- "Competition with Forward Contracts: A Laboratory Analysis Motivated by Electricity Market Design" (with Paul Pezanis-Christou and Arthur Schram). Forthcoming in Economic Journal. Click here to download the appendices.

- "Entry deterrence and forward induction: An experiment" (with Antonio Cabrales and Gary Charness), July 2006, forthcoming in Economic Theory. A previous and more extensive working paper version is available here.

- "Collusion and Fights in an Experiment with Price-Setting Firms and Production in Advance" (with Pablo Guillen), July 2004. Forthcoming in the Journal of Industrial Economics.

- "Collusion in Growing and Shrinking Markets: Empirical Evidence from Experimental Duopolies" (with Klaus Abbink), February 2005. Forthcoming in Experiments for Antitrust Policies, (Hinloopen / Normann, eds.), Cambridge University Press.

- "Cooperation in VCM Experiments: Results using the Contribution Function Approach" (with Arthur Schram) forthcoming in C.R. Plott and V.L. Smith (eds.), The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results, Elsevier, Amsterdam. (August 2002).

- "Testing Theories of Other-regarding Behavior: A Sequence of Four Lab Studies" (with Gary E. Bolton, Elena Katok, Axel Ockenfels and Rami Zwick)., forthcoming in C.R. Plott and V.L. Smith (eds.), The Handbook of Experimental Economic Results, Elsevier, Amsterdam. (revised version August 2002).

Work in progress

- "Personal Relations and their Effect on Behavior in an Organizational Setting: An Experimental Study" (with C. Solà), December 2006.

- "Relative position, prices of sacrifice and reciprocity: An experimental study using individual decisions" (with E. Fatás and F. Lagos), revised version November 2006.

- "Leadership and Overcoming Coordination Failure with Asymmetric Costs" (with David Cooper and Enrique Fatás), May 2006.

- "On Competition and Well-Being " (with Arno Riedl and Frans van Winden), revised version May 2006.

- "Social information and social influence in an experimental dilemma game" (with Enrique Fatás), July 2001.

- "Naive Bayesian Learning and Adjustement to Equilibrium in Signalling Games" (with Charles A. Holt)

Non-technical articles

- " Experimentos con la economía", Cinco Días, October ,11th  2002.


- Behavioral economics (IDEA Programme)

Conference Organization

- International Meeting on Behavioral and Experimental Economics. See the group picture of the 2004 IMEBE, that was held in Cordona in December 2004.

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